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Our Mission

We aim to support the families within our locality and beyond by providing adequate and quality care and education for their children. 

To ensure that every child that comes to us feels loved, learns something new and is better than when he / she  first met us.

Our Story

Leabridge Preparatory School fondly called “The Leabridge” is a Crèche, Preschool and Primary School.

The Leabridge is the product of the dream of a couple who longed to have a positive impact in the educational sector. The birth of the school was as a result of the passion for teaching and caring for kids in a child-friendly environment as well as offering support to working parents in Nigeria.

Deola Olowolafe currently runs The Leabridge. She has a first degree in Business Administration; with over ten years experience working in the Finance/Banking Sector, a diploma in Child Care from Stonebridge College UK and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Walden University, Minneapolis, USA.

The Leabridge is an inclusive school

We are aimed at being a ‘Home away from Home’. We offer quality EYFS / Early Childhood Education. a place where children can learn through play. A place where parents can be sure that their children are getting quality care and education.

Our curriculum combines the Nigerian, British and Montessori curricula.

We are a family oriented school and we have an open door policy.

Our Goals


To provide adequate support for all parents.


To provide quality education in a friendly, conducive and homely environment.


To provide an all inclusive learning environment for all children.


To teach in a way and manner the child understands (Child Centered Teaching Techniques)


To ensure that class room sizes are small and teacher student rations are 1:3.


To give our students the best education using the world's best curricula.


To help develop their creativity through the use of art, craft, music & STEAM.


To help develop each child in both academic and other socio-economic aspects of childhood learning


To help raise godly children

What We Offer


The Leabridge is aimed at being a ‘Home away from Home’ a place where children can play and learn. A place where parents can be sure that their children are getting quality care and education. 

Our curriculum combines the Nigerian, British and Montessori curricula. We are a family oriented school and we have an open door policy.


Babies ( 3 - 12 Months)

All babies are cared for in our specially designed baby unit. We have a care-giver to babies ratio of 1:3 which allows us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies demand at this stage.

All babies are introduced to our infant early years educational activities program that includes, Music, Singing, sensory activities etc.

We at The Leabridge know the importance we keep parent involved in their child’s daily activity so we provide a daily report to parents showing this

Toddlers (13 - 24 Months)

The teacher – student ratio is 1:3.

The programs for this class is short structured activities such as arts, crafts, music, story time, rhyme time etc. 

Play School (24 - 36 Months)

The ratio of teacher to student in this class is 1:3. In the play school, class children are offered a more structured play and learning activities. Their vocabulary and language development is also improved in this class.

Pre School (3 - 5 years)

The ratio of teachers to students in this class is 1:3. There is more focus on reading, writing, language, communication and other preschool activities. The aim of this class is to prepare the children for their first year of primary school.

Primary School (Year 1-6)

The ratio of teachers to students in this class is 1:4 Teaching in this class is structured and the curriculum is focused on ensuring that each child gets the required basic education.

Customized Online Classes

Kindly contact the school for further details.


Our school organizes events geared towards child development and exposure. Our events provides opportunities for parents to see how their kids are performing and also help us build a stronger relationship with parents.



What Our Families are Saying

My wife and I are very pleased with all the noticeable improvements with Kodjo.  Looking forward to seeing more.
Mr Sagoe

Choosing Leabridge as my child’s crèche was just the best start up point. I always looked forward to my LO’ art works. You can imagine how Ms. Ma engages these tiny toes and fingers.
The safe and serene environment is also a peace of mind factor.
The management is undoubtedly academically grounded.

Mrs. Fadayiro

Leabridge is an amazing home away from home. I find their attention to details very reassuring and their method of teaching the children makes learning easy.

Mrs. Onasoga

Leabridge school Ikeja. I took my first son at a very early age, and i dint register him immediately Because I was too attached to him. I checked everywhere and I dint find a place like this so I returned back to join the school. The fact that the proprietress is always on ground is what I love best.
She makes sure everything is in order my son learnt a lot from the school. The foundation established in him was fantastic. I will recommend this school to parents especially the very busy ones you will have no regrets.
Thanks so much for all you do.

Mrs. Balogun

The Leabridge is like a home away from home.The staff are warm and pay attention to the children. A very conducive environment.

Mrs. Adeleke