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We at the Leabridge believe every child is important and that its important that any out of home care is also a ‘Home away from Home’. With this in mind we have ensured that the needs of the children are taken into consideration in the planning and designing of each class.

Health & safety is key to us and as a result we have ensured that our environment complies with Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) guidelines. We are therefore located in a safe and secure environment and have deployed state of the art security equipment as well.

We have put in place policies and procedures to ensure that your child is kept safe while in our care. A detailed record is kept of your child’s daily activity.

Our out-door play area boasts of a fun area with sand & water play, open space for children to play, as well as adequate equipment and toys to suit all ages. 

We have also put in place necessary facilities to ensure we have uninterrupted power through out school time.

With the health of the child in mind, we have experienced staffs that are trained first-aiders and we have also partnered with one of the leading pediatric hospitals in our neighborhood for provision of immediate and comprehensive health care whenever required.

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What We Offer


The Leabridge is aimed at being a ‘Home away from Home’ a place where children can play and learn. A place where parents can be sure that their children are getting quality care and education.

Our curriculum combines the Nigerian, British and Montessori curricula. We are a family oriented school and we have an open door policy.


Babies ( 3 - 12 Months)

All babies are cared for in our specially designed baby unit. We have a care-giver to babies ratio of 1:3 which allows us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies demand at this stage.

All babies are introduced to our infant early years educational activities program that includes, Music, Singing, sensory toys etc.

We at The Leabridge know the importance we keep parent involved in their child’s daily activity so we provide a daily report to parents showing this

Toddlers (13 - 24 Months)

At the appropriate time, babies would graduate to the toddler class.

Their programs would have short structured activities; they would include activities such as arts, crafts, music, story time etc.

A daily report would also be provided to parents highlighting their child’s activities 

Play School (24 - 36 Months)

The ratio of teacher to student in this class is 1:5. In the play school, class children are offered a more structured play and learning environment. Their vocabulary and language development is also improved in this class.

Pre School (3 - 5 years)

The ratio of teachers to students in this class is 1:8. Teaching in this class is more structured and there is more focus on reading, writing and number works. The aim of this class is to prepare the children for their first year of primary school.

Primary School (Year 1-6)

The ratio of teachers to students in this class is 1:10 Teaching in this class is structured and the curriculum is focused on ensuring that each child gets the required basic education.



We organize events geared towards child development and exposure. Our events provides opportunities for parents to see how their kids are performing and also help us build a stronger relationship with parents.